Hanabi means fireworks, but at the same time it has a much larger and stronger meaning. Hanabi is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. It belongs to the summer here that there are fireworks. Not just a few, but many and large. A colleague had problems to imagine a summer without fireworks when I told that in Germany there is actually only New Year’s fireworks, apart from a few exceptions. The Japanese fireworksContinue Reading

Shizuoka – Excavation Toro

Last weekend I was too busy to do something because of a lot of presentations and a after work party of my research group. After that, I was still very long time with some colleagues at a Karaoke bar. Karaoke is partly already known in Germany  Here in the country of origin it is almost impossible not to find a karaoke bar. They are not everywhere

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Rainy season and storm Nanmadol

As perhaps already noticed, I write less of places I have visited. This is mainly on the one hand that I lack time, but on the other hand also that it is just getting hotter here with quite high humidity. Since it makes now no fun to walk longer distances over a long time.
For this time: I had the pleasure of getting to know the Japanese rainy season. This is actually an exaggeration.
The rainy season is here in ShizuokaContinue Reading

Culture 2

Since I tried last weekend with Japanese colleagues to bake German apple pie, because ingredients are difficult to get and I have in the dorm only the microwave oven, I had no time / interest to write something, so I will today write a little what I noticed about cultural things or what is perhaps also typical for Japan. First of all, I must say that I hadn’t a cultural shock. Japan or at least this area here is totally  Continue Reading