About me and this blog

Hello World,

I was force …. ähm of course it was suggested to me that I write a blog when I stay in Japan.
This blog is mainly for friends and family, but it is open to anyone who is interested about it.
It is also a big experiment of mine, so changes are likely. But I try to write something regularly, at
least once a month. The goal is generally to write about my stay, but also cultural peculiarities or
differences to German / European culture. But without taking an appreciable attitude.
About me? I am only a cranky doctoral student who has his doctorate at the University of Shizuoka, because of an exchange program, and thus is stumbling into a great adventure (?) ……


As a additional information, I will prioritize the blog in german if I don’t have the time to do both. I’m sorry for all english speaking persons.