Other countries other manners. Also other pharmacies. In Dubai, I could briefly see a pharmacy. As a customer, I had direct access to medicinal products, which are considered to be only available in pharmacies in Germany (are harmful in case of non-appropriate application). Whether there were also those who are subject to prescription in Germany, I do not know, I hadn’t so much time to change the terminal.


In Japan there are, as far as I know, two types of “pharmacies”. The one is rather a kind of drugstore, which is often also in department stores / shops and sells probably the non-prescription medication. The other are then in the real sense pharmacies, they give the prescription drugs on prescription.
I saw the former in a department store. But I do not know what all this is, because everything is in Japanese. Within the anti-mosquito repellent, I’m sure thats are antihistaminics.

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