Road traffic

The road traffic is in principle just like in Germany, only that here links traffic prevails. This is actually a fist formula. The other is that the very narrow streets here, so that these (even some wider streets) have no walkway for pedestrians. Then you have to walk on the street. Against the actual traffic directed. This has already given me a few queasy situationsContinue Reading


Other countries other manners. Also other pharmacies. In Dubai, I could briefly see a pharmacy. As a customer, I had direct access to medicinal products, which are considered to be only available in pharmacies in Germany (are harmful in case of non-appropriate application). Whether there were also those who are subject to prescription in Germany, I do not know, I hadn’t so much time to change the terminal.

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First Days

Thursday I was a little bit instructed and received my research assignment.
In addition, I was informed about the working hours, which are of course (as expected) long. I was informed about a relatively short working time, the others work longer. Even if it was already noticeable that it was expected to work longer … (On Saturday, during the morning journal club, it was made clear that this is only a core working time … no problem if it’s necessary (experiments and so)).

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It starts

Finally the time has come. After 6 months of preparations, paperwork and stress, I made my way to Japan. Without sufficient language skills, everything should be in English. Over Hamburg and Dubai it went to Tokyo-Narita. Narita airport was selected because he belongs to the airports where the Immigration procedure could be done. I did not get much sleep the night before, because I was so nervous. And the thought “Why are you doing this?” The flights ran smoothly, only in Hamburg did I learn to hate my scales, I had suddenly a too heavy hand luggage and my luggage was now 1 Kg below the limit, so I could have take more …. (Previously I had desperatly to leave a lot,  because I was clearly over the weight limit).

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Hello World

Hello World,

I was force …. ähm of course it was suggested to me that I write a blog when I stay in Japan.
This blog is mainly for friends and family, but it is open to anyone who is interested about it.
It is also a big experiment of mine, so changes are likely. But I try to write something regularly, at
least once a month. The goal is generally to write about my stay, but also cultural peculiarities or
differences to German / European culture.

I hope you can enjoy it.