Japan – Hakuba

Yeah, this time I was kind of on vacation. My Sensei had allowed me to take part in an excursion of the International Office for International Students, so I was on the road for 3 days. But 1 day alone was lost just for the trip. Our destination was the Hakuba valley (with the village of the same name Hakuba) in the Japanese Alps. And for what? Of course for Continue Reading

(South-)Korea – Daegu

Korea!? I think the guy’s in Japan! This is what some of you might have thought after this article title. Well, on a short notice it turned out I should be going to Korea for a symposium. We flew via Central Japanese Airport in Nagoya . The airport is located on an artificial island in front of the city itself. Since I was also mainly busy at the conference and the supporting program, there are not so many pictures of places of tourist interest. More like pictures of food. I couldn’t remember Continue Reading

First Days

Thursday I was a little bit instructed and received my research assignment.
In addition, I was informed about the working hours, which are of course (as expected) long. I was informed about a relatively short working time, the others work longer. Even if it was already noticeable that it was expected to work longer … (On Saturday, during the morning journal club, it was made clear that this is only a core working time … no problem if it’s necessary (experiments and so)).

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