Fukuroi – Hanabi

Fukuroi – Hanabi

Yes, I still exist. My doctorate is coming to an end and that means even more work than usual. This time I went to Fukuroi to see Hanabi. I had already reported about the Abekawa Hanabi in Shizuoka in July 2017. Last year it was cancelled for the first time in history because of a typhoon. This year it was cancelled again because of a tropical storm. Safety first. This year I also heard about Fukuroi Hanabi for the first time and the day of the event was convenient for me. The Fukuroi Hanabi is considered the best in Shizuoka Prefecture. Therefore, I went to Fukuroi!

And after all these masses of people in the trains and at the stations, I like to believe that. At night, people were only allowed to walk on the tracks in sections. 25000 fireworks were ignited in 2 hours. There are special seats at many Hanabis which you can only get as a sponsor or against payment. If you have such a ticket, you can enjoy the Hanabi at best, because the viewing angle of the Hanabi is of course aligned for the paying visitors, provided that the weather conditions are also perfect (including special wind conditions). Since we didn’t know that this special area was so big here, we had to look elsewhere for a place, but we were quite happy to have found a nice place, even though we couldn’t see everything (perfectly). Here are the pictures of my probably last Hanabi in Japan and I will definitely miss this kind of spectacle. Too bad that we don’t have something like this in Germany.

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