Ice cream

Ice cream

あけましておめでとう小屋います (akemashite omedetou gozaimasu)! I wish you a Happy New Year! (To my few still following readers…). You haven’t heard from me for ages, because I was rarely travelling and was more involved in work. In addition, I have granted myself a return to Germany over Christmas/New Year;)

This time an absolute fun article, because I ran out of topics. Since the summer here in Shizuoka is unpleasantly hot and humid, there is nothing better than ice. Apart from the annoying increase in weight with too much of it^^ I have already reported elsewhere about the increased number of varieties, e.g. for KitKat, and have therefore decided to demonstrate this on the ice-cream of a well-known European manufacturer. It is possible that there are some varieties available in Europe, but I haven’t found them yet. However, I am sure that I haven’t tried all the varieties available in Japan yet. I already ate some more, from which I somehow lost the pictures…


By the way, the cake ice cream actually also contains cake base.

A short excursion: This drink is also very popular here in summer. It is a salty lychee drink. It’s very pleasant, but I wanted to drink more because of the salt, good for the seller.

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