Shizuoka –Sumpu Castle

Shizuoka –Sumpu Castle

Today, there is a topic which deals with themes from culture, food and architecture. Was too lazy to split apart just to make it look more.
Here in Japan started the golden week, a week with 4 holidays. Today, however, we had to work for the journal club, but for this we have the next Saturday free. And todays weather was good, for a sweater too warm, despite the intermittent brief rain shower. After that, I did a big walk today. I was 5 hours  on foot and my work colleague mostly with the bicycle. Together we were at the Sumpu Castle in Shizuoka. I may say castle, but in truth it is no longer there. The whole area is huge. It included three castle tombs, between the first and second are various buildings, including congress halls, and the third trench is mostly spilled. In the interior terrain is mostly a park. However, teh town has begun to rebuild the actual castle, it should be ready in 2020 when I am still here. However, a gate and an arsenal are ready, which can be viewed against a small contribution together with a garden and another building.
Here some pictures of the terrain.

Pictures of the Arsenal and as it is common in Japan, you have to take off the shoes at the entrance. You could borrow shoes here, which I should just leave, because they were too small for me. In the larger Tatamiroom there were toys Samuraiamor and a castle  for the little ones.

I found the garden pretty impressive. I need a lot of money from the lottery, so I can buy the terrain myself to have my own …
A teahouse was also there, but we did not have the opportunity to see more of it because there were no tea ceremonies.

Then we wanted to see the other building, but it was already closed, we were just too late. So another time.


Oh, there was a festival on the grounds, a meat festival. More I did not understand, also not why this kind of festival.

On the way back we did stop in a McDonalds. Yes, I went, but only because I know there are other dishes in other countries. And I’ve had a teriyaki burger, a kiwi milkshake and a strawberry cheesecake McFlurry. There was also a teriyaki mayonnaise.  Everything was good, but it’s just fast food. The milkshake was actually only an ice, too viscous to get the straw up. And there was actually a big piece of cake in the ice. I did take pictures, but I do not find them good enough to show them. In addition, there is no big difference in the appearance.

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