Singapur, Malaysia uand again Singapur

Singapur, Malaysia uand again Singapur

If you’re thinking, “What’s the deal again?” I can only agree with you. I was on the road again for conference reasons, among other things. This time I went via Singapore to Malaysia to the conference.

Unfortunately I was not able to take so many pictures. I didn’t have time and it was impossible to go anywhere independently from the university (a colleague who lives there drove us around a bit). The university area is so huge that own buses drive in it and the students/employees are on the way with their own car. It is also located in and on a jungle or palm oil plantation. Birds and monkeys included.

After we had landed in Singapore, we crossed the border by taxi, but we stood in a traffic jam for more than 2 hours, I had the feeling that half the city would work in Singapore and now return…. According to the taxi driver this is normal, you get up early around 3.00 or 4.00 o’clock in the morning to be at work maybe around 9.00 or 10.00 o’clock. And in the evening there is a traffic jam again from about 16.30 to 22.00…..

Unfortunately I can’t write much and show even less, but the Malaysian food is delicious. Unfortunately it is very hot (ok for me, if not pure) or very, very sweet; no, damn sweet. Or first sweet and then hot in the finish. I thought Turkish tea is already sweet, but here…. No question, very tasty, but constantly the question whether my mouth burns now (most others could not eat it) or dangerous weight gain did not please me so much. The Malaysian people I had to deal with were all very nice and friendly. Generally much more open-minded and open-minded than we “stiff” Germans;) Even though I was really surprised when a strange woman from my group (More Malaysians than foreigners) took a picture in the restaurant. At first I assumed it was for the restaurant itself, but no, she had asked the service staff. I was told that was normal. I like to be lectured if a reader should know more about it. (?)

I also have to report briefly about the use of toilets: there is the western style and the squat style, but no toilet paper. Instead a water hose. How this works and what it looked like at university, where normal students use it, I leave you to your imagination, dear reader. As an all-clear, in the dormitory, other university toilets, restaurants or shopping centres it was clearly better and there was also sometimes toilet paper. Oh yes, there are many shops from Japan here and with more choice and cheaper prices. Generally very cheap and for people from Germany with middle income probably a shopping paradise;) Many Japanese and Korean restaurants also were here.

In Singapore we only had a little time before we took off again. So we drove one hour to the Chinese garden, only to find out that it will be renovated until March 2020…. We should have gone to Marina Bay, this would have been also closer.

Here are some pictures of Malaysia.

Here pictures about Singapore and the border crossing.

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