Tokyo – Shinjuku Meiji Shrine

Tokyo – Shinjuku Meiji Shrine

Due to a conference in Shinjuku I have been in Tokyo and even had some time to look around. So I went to the Meiji Shrine because it was not so far from the Shinjuku station and the conference place. However, I have to correct the title, as the shrine is already in the city district Shibuya.

The shrine was inaugurated on 1 November 1920 and is the place for the worshipping of the Meiji Emperor and his wife. The Meijitennō is the first emperor to reign after the fall of the Shogunate and to advance the opening and modernization of the country. As always, the pictures are rather not commented.

Later I went to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, but I only realized at the entrance that I had been there before… Didn’t bother, because as a doctoral student I actually had to pay a reduced entrance fee (rather rare for students in Japan) and the cherry blossom was just charming. Therefore only a few pictures and mainly the cherry blossom.

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