Tokyo – Tokyo SkyTree, a little bit Shinjuku and the mountain Takao

Tokyo – Tokyo SkyTree, a little bit Shinjuku and the mountain Takao

This time we had a look at the Tokyo SkyTree, which is a radio tower and at the moment with 634 m the second highest building in the world. The tower has two viewing platforms, one at 350m and one at 450m. We only had a look from those at 350 m, first because the entrance fee is a little high and second because we suspected that the weather was not so good and the horizon would be hazy, so that we could not have seen so far. If we had, then we would have bought an extension on the plain and would have gone up to the 450m. But it was hazy on the horizon… There are 4 high-speed elevators, each designed according to one of the four seasons and if I remember rightly 10 m/s reach.

Now the pictures from the tour to Tokyo SkyTree. One picture shows the headquarters of Asahi Bier, the building itself was designed to resemble a beer with a foam crown….^^

We also went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku, which you could also see a little from the SkyTree. On the other hand it is much better to see the SkyTree. The building also called “Tokyo City Hall” and is well known outside Japan because of its twin towers. But it is not a city hall, because Tokyo itself is not a communal unit and in there is the administration of the prefecture Tokyo. The viewing platform on the 45th floor is free to visit, but even if we went there late and it was comparatively quiet, we had to wait a long time both from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Unfortunately the view was not as good as in the SkyTree, the platform itself was quite small and therefore very cramped and the air was quite stale there on this warm day. So we wanted to go down quickly, but we had a long wait in front of the elevator. After that we visited Godzilla, which towers over a skyscraper in Shinjuku.

On another day we made our way to Mount Takao. It is still in the prefecture and relatively easy to reach. Therefore it is also a popular destination for city dwellers who want to get out into “nature”. Therefore also the main hiking route is very well developed, thus very simple and one can even do without the “most strenuous part” and simply take a cable car. On the mountain is a Buddhist monastery and some Shinto shrines. It has been said that the mountain is home to Tengus, a kind of Youkai. Youkais are Japanese mythological mythological creatures, which can be very different. So there are among others friendly, cunning, malicious, protective and pranksters. Tengus are crow people with a human body and crow wings. They can also have longer noses or wear masks with long noses. A further characteristic is that they are considered arrogant and each have a fan with which they can control the winds. Since this mountain is regarded as a place of the Tengus, there are accordingly many statues of them. But from above you have a nice view, especially if the weather is nice. Up we are the main way, down another one, the Inariyama Course 稲荷山コース. We liked it more and it was more like the other trekking routes I have done so far, even though it was wider and better. But without asphalting

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